About us

We are a Canadian start-up working on designing a new UI for computers, tablets and anything that has a screen. We call it GESTOR.

​What is Gestor? First of all - it is an air computer mouse! Why air? Because you can use in without any surface. Just pick it up, touch the first, lower control ring with any of your fingers, it becomes operational, and you can move a cursor on your computer screen by tilting Gestor up or down, back and forth.

Basic operation of the Gestor as a mouse - simply touch the lower control ring with your index finger to activate the device, then tilt the Gestor side to side to move from side to side, tilt Gestor up to move up and down to move down. Rotating Gestor enables you to smoothly scroll up and down, or zoom in and out, depending on the application.

When Gestor goes into such scrolling or rotation mode, the mouse functions are frozen and the cursor is not moving. Ultimately, rotating Gestor can be configured to any action on the computer or specific device it is used with. By default, it is scrolling up and down if you are browsing the Internet or reading a book or a long document. If you are looking at Google maps, rotating Gestor will zoom in and out the map, so it becomes really fun exploring the world.

You don’t need to point Gestor to a screen, just visually align a cursor on the screen with a current potion of your hand and use Gestor the way most suited for your current body position.